The Large Animal Disaster Committee (LADC) is an informal committee whose members have considerable interest, knowledge, and experience regarding the health, safety, care, and rescue of large animals. While the overall responsibility for large animals in a disaster/emergency is with the Emergency Support Function #17 (ESF #17) – Veterinary Concerns, LADC members have accepted assignments critical to Broward County's emergency planning for large animals.

The LADC, as part of Broward County’s emergency planning effort, is asking all Broward County owners to register their large animals. The registration of large animals will facilitate the return of the animals to their owners in the event that they get loose in an emergency situation.

Two types of information are needed to complete the registration. The first is owner information and the second is information for each large animal. Photos are encouraged, including a face photo of the large animal with the owner. Owners may register all their large animals and should delete information about any large animals they no longer own or that are deceased.

In addition to registering large animals, owners should identify clearly their large animals prior to any threatened emergency, such as a hurricane, with a phone number spray painted on the animals, luggage tags with owner information and other forms of temporary and/or permanent identification such as micro-chipping. More information is available at:

Please share this registration site with other Broward County horse and large animal owners. By registering information regarding large animals, the LADC will be better able to serve the horse community and other large animal owners in the event of an emergency. The LADC appreciates your help in "spreading the word"!

If you have any questions, please call the Broward County Call Center at 954-831-4000, the TTY telephone number is 954-831-3940.